BANAIS is a fashion brand established in 2012 by Zuzanna Banasińska. By effectuating what may be labeled as rich minimalism, the wear manifests a certain degree of aesthetic excess, hence aiming at women not afraid of being conspicuous. Nonetheless, it remains non-ostentatious, allowing combinations with other pieces.

The abundance of elements, color combinations and geometrical forms grant that, when wearing BANAIS, one makes a unique statement about oneself. Moreover, BANAIS uses only quality fabrics, being concerned not merely with the visual effect, but also utility and comfort. The label emphasizes the subtle purpose of a garment, that is, not simply to cover, but rather to decorate the body in an elaborate manner, taking into consideration the beauty of the human physique.

In 2015 the brand launched its collection of handbags. The main idea behind these pieces was derived from art theory and concerned the inability of the human eye to see both the brushstroke and the painting as a whole. This observation was translated into this handbag collection, where each detail is a brushstroke, which you can only discern from up close. Nonetheless, when you step back, the details create a coherent entity.  Only quality materials were used to bring the idea to life: Italian leather, faux fur or velvet.  All pieces are handmade in Poland.